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Partner Stories

We are so excited to hear about some of the changes our Partners are making in their workplace. Changes that are not only good for them, but also good for the community they serve. We hope our Partner stories might inspire you too!

More than 45 organizations in Allegheny County have pledged to implement changes in the first quarter of this year and this number is growing every week. What will be your story? Email us and let us know...

UPMC Body Changers launches new office routine

As a fitUnited partner UPMC Body Changers has now launched a ‘Fat Free Tuesday’ aka ‘Skinny Tuesday’ when everyone is asked to bring in a healthy salad or ingredient. It was a resounding success – greeted and consumed with great enthusiasm!

Items brought in included: Three kinds of homemade bread, jam and peanut butter; various salad greens – spinach, mixed greens; a fresh fruit salad; a fresh fruit bowl; oranges; clementines; raspberries, blueberries and strawberries; a jicama-cucumber salad; a celery root-arugula salad; shredded cheese; low-fat salad dressings; purple cabbage salad; shredded carrot salad; fresh cucumbers, celery, grape tomatoes, olives, pickles, carrots; chickpeas; croutons; dried cranberries; walnuts; hard-boiled eggs; sliced ham and sliced cheese. Yum!

Vicky March, of UPMC Body Changers says: "I am hoping we will keep doing this and that communal healthy lunches on the second Tuesday of each month becomes a tradition in my office!"

We say it sounds delicious - can we be invited next time?

Homewood YMCA has made changes to the snack area for teens.

The Homewood YMCA has replaced chips, candy and cookies, with fruit, fiber bars and other healthier snacks! We say keep up the great work Homewood YMCA, we love what you are doing!

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